About Tiers

The Tiers program is IMVU's way of rewarding Creators for their great work and contributions. The Tiers program was designed to support our activity community base by measuring them on both activities common to all and those that are unique to the individual. In a sense earning Tiers is like a game, it is merit based, so the more hard work that you put in, the better your result will be. However unlike many games, there isn't just one winner, everyone can excel in the Tiers program, it all just depends upon how much work you are willing to do.

All Creators earn a Tier level, and you are not required to do any work to earn your level. But wait didn't we just say the more you work the more you earn? Yes, we did, but we don't feel the Tiers should program should be a requirement, more of a passive system of earned rewards, based on what you want to do naturally. Of course that doesn't stop you from being ambitious and putting in more to earn more.

Currently the Tiers system goes from level 0 (New Creators) to level 7. All Creators earn tier points based on two sets of unique attributes that we group together into two buckets: Core and Unique. These set of attributes are measured once a month and the final score is tallied up and used to determine your Tier for that month. For each attribute we try and look back at 90 days of history. Certain attributes might look at all time, and others might have less data because either you or they are new to Tiers. At the start of every month everyone is given a Tier level, one month you might be a 4 and the next a 5, or vice versa.

The inner guts of our system is a fairly sophisticated system that analyzes everyone's data, and determines what should be the normal distribution to earn tier points per attribute. All attributes can earn between 0 -3 points. If you are the best in an attribute you'll get the full 3 points. Because of the way our system works, all attributes are recalculated every month to reflect the trends in activity for the prior 90 days. This ensures that the system is always reflecting the latest level of work by the entire community and that everyone stands a chance to get to the top.

Your Tier score is tallied by adding up your Core and Unique attributes. The Core attributes are those that are common to all Creators. While the Unique ones are common measurements, but you as an individual may only participate in a few. Currently the system takes all of the Core attributes and adds those scores to the best of your three Unique scores. This ensures that only the things you really excel at will be counted over any other Unique attributes. Listed below are all of the current attributes tracked:

  • Core
    • Income (credits)
    • Income (promo credits)
    • Sales (derived)
    • Sales (direct)
  • Unique
    • Average product rating
    • CC Forum posts
    • Peer Review activity
    • Products in the catalog
    • Products recently submitted

Once your final score is determined, you're assigned your Tier level (again from 0 (new) to 7). Once assigned all levels last for 30 days, and then recalculated again. During that period you'll have access to any benefits you've earned because of your Tier level. Benefits are rewards that are granted to all Creators based on their Tier level. The higher your level the better benefits you earn. The current list of benefits are:

  • 10% per tier level discount on product submission.
  • Increased credit transfer limits.
  • Tier levels 5 and above are awarded Pro Creator status.

That's pretty much it to the Tiers system. Just to recap:

  • The Tiers system is passively applied to every Creator. You earn rewards just by doing what you normally do
  • You can earn more points and thus more rewards by putting in more work. It's your choice
  • Scores and levels are calculated once a month at the start of the month
  • Attributes try to use the prior 90 days of information where possible to calculate your scores
  • All attributes are recalculated every month to determine a fair distribution of points
  • Everyone can earn their way to Tier level 7, staying there forever is different matter
  • Tier levels can go up or down all depending upon what you did in the past 90 days

Good luck and we hope you see you all at Tier 7!