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Small Update to MASA

We have a small announcement to make regarding Monthly Average Sales
Amount, or commonly known as MASA. Please follow the link below to see the
details. This change does not affect your sales or payouts in amount or

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Check out the NEW Creator Education Center

Greetings Creators! Have you checked out the shiny new Creator Education Center? We're updating tutorials all the time. It's a FREE resource to learn and build skills to Create on IMVU. From Blender to Branding, we'll help you on your Creator learning journey.

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Creator Most Wanted has a new time slot this week

Hey Creators!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the Creator Most Wanted series.

Just a recap:

We’ve had Roy showing us how to make an eye texture from scratch
MaxSmoke777 showed us how to carve a pumpkin head
MissVix showed us how to texture her Trick or Treat scene
And finally last week, Miaka618 showed us how to make a spooky monster dance!

We've also had some great co-hosts on the show!

This week we are continuing the series with Chaly4 showing us how anyone (even if you aren’t a Creator) can make a decorated room bundle. She's one of the most popular room bundle creators on IMVU, so you'll want to be sure and tune in for some tips and tricks from her, but she will be on ONE HOUR LATER than the normal Creator Most Wanted time. (3pm California time instead of the regular 2pm.)

Oct. 25, 2018 we will be *ahem* preempted by IMVUZoey showing off some great Halloween rooms on IMVU and interacting with the community in public rooms. The Creator Most Wanted will be an hour-ish later than normal, and that will also push back the Jazzkat aftershow.

Don’t forget to follow IMVUOfficial on Twitch so you don’t miss any of these great shows:

See you Thursday!


A little update on the Limited Edition IMVU Creator 2018 Card deck

Hey Creators!

A little update on the Limited Edition IMVU Creator 2018 Card deck:

Earlier this year, a third party hosted a special auction for Creators who had 500 or more dev tokens, auctioning off the 54 spots on a deck of playing cards. Creators used dev tokens to bid with the top spot going for 2 million dev tokens!

Now I’m happy to let you know the cards are finally ready and about to ship! Each Creator who won a spot in the deck of cards will receive a deck of these cards. In addition, Creators who meet a minimum level of dev tokens have been invited to purchase a limited number of these card decks with their dev tokens. If you’ve been invited to do this, I urge you to get your limited edition deck before someone else does, as quantities available to trade for dev tokens are quite limited.

The third party, Physical Swag (PS) is now also selling these cards at for a limited time.

It would be great to see you WITH your cards or just a picture of your cards when you get them. You can tag or on IG as well as #imvucards2018 and there will be a credit giveaway each week associated with your properly tagged images. Find more information in the package with your cards.

Everyone who won a spot on the cards, traded dev tokens for a deck OR who purchases a deck with cash will also get an exclusive animated badge that features ALL the cards in the deck and seems to be quite popular. These are the only ways to obtain this badge. If you purchase a deck, please make sure you make a note of your avatar name when you make payment so you don’t miss out on your badge! Since you are purchasing these on a third party site, it is the only way to verify your avatar name.

There is also a themed login gift to celebrate the sale of these cards for anyone who logs into the downloadable client between now and Oct 14, 2018. Any pics you take with this card table by Polystyrene, please feel free to tag on Instagram with the pics and #imvucardtable

And since we don’t want the dev token fun to end, look for another “thing you can do with dev tokens” at the end of this month!

Thanks Everyone.


Introducing a new Twitch series: Creator Most Wanted!

Hey Creators!

From now through the end of the year we are going to be streaming our new series “Creator Most Wanted” live on Twitch every Thursday.

Please join us this Thursday for our kick-off show featuring Roy teaching us how to make an eye texture in Gimp.

IMVU Creator Roy is going to be teaching us using the latest version of Gimp, 2.10.6. If you aren’t familiar, Gimp is a free graphics program which you can download here.

We hope you’ll join us 2pm (California time) this Thursday 9/27/18 (and all Thursdays through the end of the year) to join in, ask questions, and hang out with us. If you can’t make it we’ll make sure to make the video available to everyone.

If there is a tutorial you’d really like to see, let us know and we’ll try to make the “most wanted” tutorials happen.

See you there!


Prepare yourself for South Korea!

‪IMVU is now available in South Korea, the 2nd biggest gaming market in the world! ‬

This will be a great opportunity for you, Creators, because we will be injecting a new set of users that are only love IMVU, but are trendy, love fashion, and actually spend money on games.

For more info, join the Discussion here.

New contest for Creators: 3d Photobooth rooms!

Hey Creators, starting to think about Autumn and Halloween yet? We are! Come join us for a fun new rooms and furniture contest that could land you a juicy spot in IMVU’s 3d Photobooth. The contest ends 9/25 so come check it out, be part of the fun and get the limited edition badge.

IMPORTANT: Http to secure https on Creator Product pages

Hey Creators,

This message is for all Creators who use http links in their catalog pages. For those of you that don’t, this will not affect you. What you may have noticed recently in your catalog pages is that they no longer load properly, and we want to provide a helpful solution.  If you haven’t seen a change yet, you will soon.

Due to changes Google is making to their Chrome browser next month, IMVU has been working to comply with making pages more secure by using only https (secure) links and not allowing http links to load in. Some of you have noticed this breaking your catalog pages recently because of your inclusion of links that use http. We have rolled back some of the changes temporarily and created a tool you may find helpful for updating your pages to be compliant.

The tool we have created will take any instance of “http” in your catalog page code and easily change it to “https”. You can change anywhere from 1 to 500 pages at a time. This tool is designed by an engineer to get the job done and not to look pretty. We highly recommend you try one page in the tool first and see how it goes before working up to larger batches of pages.

This tool may not be appropriate for every Creator’s pages, but if it works for you we think it can save you a lot of time vs updating pages individually and sending each one through peer review. We know it’s a lot of work to update your product pages and never fun when things happen that are out of your (and our) control. Please be assured it is not our intention to have you updating pages instead of creating great content, which is why we have created this tool for you:

If you have questions about this tool, please join us in Creator Discussions here



Let’s have a little fun with dev tokens!

Hey Creators,

We know one of the signs of your success is a surplus of dev tokens and that you’d like more ways to use them. We are so excited to announce an exclusive opportunity to be part of a limited edition deck of playing cards to immortalize your avatar on RL IMVU swag.

Starting this Friday, eligible Creators will receive a message from @IMVUCreatorTeam letting them know how they can sign up for a special dev token auction hosted by a 3rd party. Eligible Creators, those with 500 or more dev tokens, will get a chance to bid for one of 54 spots to feature their avatar on this special edition IMVU deck. The winning Creators will receive a complimentary deck as part of their prize.  The rest of you and your fellow Creators will have the first opportunity to purchase these decks with dev tokens, if you choose.

Creators will have one week to sign up as a participant before the auction starts.  Starting June 29 at 12pm PDT the auctions will open and all will be welcome to come watch the fun!

How will you strategize to get the card you want?

What card would you pick if you had enough dev tokens?

We are committed to bringing you more ways to use dev tokens that are in line with your needs, but hope you will join us in this unique opportunity to get some RL IMVU swag!


Your input is needed for the future of the Creator tool!

Hey Creators,

We are currently in the planning stages of a new Creator tool and would like some input from the community. We have been gathering suggestions from a small group of highly engaged Creators as well as engineers that work with the product and have received many interesting and creative suggestions for the next version of IMVU’s Create Mode. Some of these must (and will) be implemented. Others are just too challenging to get done in the time frame we are anticipating for the current project.

We are still trying to decide about some of them. To that end, we have a new survey for you with a list of 20. We can only do a few of these so your input is very important to us. Please take a few minutes to weigh in on the Create tool and the features you would value most.

Create Mode Survey