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“Theres Hope & Peace in Jesus :) .”

True Christianity is a gathering of christians from different countries, cultures and denominations. We believe in individual relationship with Jesus, and therefore will not judge others here!

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: MrJacktheDutch
Category: Religion
Date Formed: 2008-04-05 15:29:06
Members: 430

The Soapbox

There is only one True God, and that is the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son ~who is Jesus Christ, The Risen Savior and Christ! ~ and God the Holy Spirit!!! .

True Christianity is a gathering of christians(or interested) from many different countries, cultures and denominations. This means you will find a wide variety of christian ways of life and beliefs. Some more common, some defenitely more extreme. We try not to judge about others as we see God as a lover of diversity, and believe in an individual relationship with the living Lord. We are no Church, we are christians sharing their belief, and trying to uplift, encourage and help eachother where needed.

We are an "Invite only"-Group, not because we want to maintain some kind of exclusivity, but we belief who is seriously interested to become a menber of a church or denomination, will ask to become one, so we think it should be the same here, and also it is due to bad expieriences in the past.

Our groupmembers have created a line of rooms to gather and Worship our lord, or just sit and talk. Please look into the thread to find them.

Our Officers: (To contact with questions or invite-requests)

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Christ Hello Board


ladyrio: miss being here and wanna b more active

MrJacktheDutch: Hello Jerosie, welcome to TC.

Jerosie: Hello everyone... glad to be here...

MrJacktheDutch: pls read the "new Owner" thread, I need your help there!

MrJacktheDutch: I made a new Thread on the Collosian Letter. Pls read and reply!

MrJacktheDutch: I updated a few posts in the Easter Thread, be blessed while reading! Happy Easter to all!

ladyrio: wanna say God bless each one of u,

Guest_humphyssunny: ok Mrjack. god bless you.

xTxNickiXx: hey everyone

stargazer718: When some one say's some else died, I think to myself, they didn't die, they went home...

CommanderHellShot: Glad to be here but brb havent read my bible yet

MrJacktheDutch: To all of you: Happy new Year! May it be a blessed year for us all!

Guest_humphyssunny: john 16.13 : the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth

Guest_humphyssunny: hello all, jesus is the way, the truth and the life. amen

MrJacktheDutch: Chris64 her dad passes away last night. Pls keep her in your prayers!

MASQUEXX: hello all, have a great blessed day

ladyrio: Hello All if there is anything I can help u with let me know GBU

llEdna: hello everyone !!

Guest_SweetsFashion_disabled_150471101: Hello every one! happy sunday

Guest_RosenbaumCDR_retired_146248811: When was that is she okay? I hope she is okay. :(

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