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“Pixel My Heart To The Moon And Back”

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Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: CandiAluriaNight
Category: Hobbies
Date Formed: 2014-09-07 16:50:44
Members: 1290

The Soapbox


Active Members

    This witch never dies
    Heart Crown GIRL Moon pEN
    + GASR Forum + Tentacle pt.1 Tentacle pt.2 Faith in Emerz Magically Moon pEN
    princess angl C: babe
    Queen of Green Cactus. Cactus Nightmare Not My Prob Condolences
    Pumpkin piggies Dripping Green Kitten Dripping Purple Kitten
    Moon Child Lil Creep Hail Satan Hocus Pocus Ouija Bored
    .. One Leader My Kush Fly Feeling Salty
    The Monster... (Sorry for the delay.) Chibi Skull. The Death Trick or Treat V2 Dracula Argiope Aurantia Trick or Treat Spider Trick or Treat Trick Or Treat! Cherry Candy Corn
    Bad Girls For Life Cat Island Army Pt1 Army Pt2 Stay strong
    Prince sekaiichi hatsukoi badge Lord Liu Bei Ma Chao Zhao Yun Ma Dai
    Sad Queen Congrats I hate you! Congrats I Hate you Pet Me?

Moon Chat


kalfu: Thank you for the invite! Would love to be in this group, but I'm really only ever on my alt...

AishaMwamba: Thank you for the invite

AnaDeloren: Thanks for the invite :D

MrsGangstaLove: Thanks for the invitation.😊

Shamrock: 3 Ten Tile Badges Only 10K Till Midnight.

CIown: Succubus is up and ready for donations! :)

Guest_Neptoonies: Boo girl up for donation!

Shamrock: cute badge up for donation

IostDream: 42k left then unbuyable

CandiAluriaNight: Guys meet our new co ownee iostdream

IostDream: Hi, guys. We're going to be doing some cleaning in the group the next few days.

CandiAluriaNight: Next week I'll be sending out messages and fixing things up in here going to need new mods

ExquisiteSaphire: [] last chance to get my badges 1st 10 ppl...

ExquisiteSaphire: 3 Days left to buy my badge b4 they retire! Get ALL my badges for 170k via DT or buy via Sticker!

ExquisiteSaphire: 1 week left till ALL my badges will be retired! BUY NOW! while U still can check out my shop!

Borks: Selling some premade badges! (Bells) Pm if interested

ExquisiteSaphire: Buy now! while you still can before they are ALL retired! check out my shop for my badges!

CarrotCakie: Badge Tracker Updated as of 3/12/17 (: D

CarrotCakie: (: D Badge Tracker has been updated (: D

Borks: Taking donations for "just feed me already" []...

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