DEAL: 200,000 credits for $99!

You save $101 off the retail value!
Value: Worth $200
Time Remaining:
CREW-Pons bought: 87
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Ends Friday, August 29th 11:59 pm.

What is the IMVU CREW-Pon?

IMVU CREW-Pon allows our members to get amazing deals at ridiculous discounts. Be part of a crew and make the discount a reality! The CREW-Pon kicks in as soon as a certain number of users purchase the deal. Be sure to check back often to see the status of the current deal.


Participate in the IMVU CREW-PON! It's no joke. For a limited time, get 200,000 credits for a low price of $99! Compare that with its retail value of $200.


  • 200 users have to buy the deal to get the CREW-Pon discount.
  • Once the deal has been qualified, IMVU will reward credits to users who have purchased the deal no later than Friday, August 29th, Midnight.
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